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Love & Vegetables Vegan Brunch and Movie: "More Than Honey"

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Disc Golf, Mangos, And A Movie

It’s May, and in South Florida that means it’s the start of mango season, and I love yummy fresh local mangoes. A couple of days ago, Chantelle,  a regular co-chef and collaborator on many of Love and Vegetables events, and I took the hot afternoon off and went disc golfing (my favorite pastime), and after throwing only 5 holes, we decided to call it a day because the heat and sun were just a little too much on an open course in the middle of the day.

As we headed back to Earth N Us Farm, Chantelle noticed a beautiful giant mango tree with umpteen ripe mangoes  ready for the picking on the side of the road. The lot is abandoned, which meant we were going mango hunting! With Love & A Movie only a few days away, and mangoes were on the menu, what better way to spend an afternoon then in the hot sun picking fresh ripe mangoes. There’s something so magical about picking ripe yummy fruit off the ground and the tree,  and then being able to create delicious creations with them! We spent the next couple of hours foraging for mangoes throughout  North Miami all within a few miles of the event.

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May: Love and a Movie

Once upon a time there was an independent non-profit cinema that loved to showcase beautiful art in the form of moving shadows upon a wall. One day, the cinema met a community cafe that loved to pop up here and there offering art in the form of vegetables upon a plate. The dancing light-shadows and the colorful fresh veggies became rather fond of each other, and they thought they would invite a whole bunch of friends to enjoy the good times too. They decided to celebrate the occasion with a film about young artists who really ‘like’ each other, and with a bold menu that had some fun with the NYC theme. Thus was born “Love & A Movie”, and they lived happily ever after. : )

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The Yellow Submarine: our future flower truck

Love & Vegetables is growing, and we need transportation. We’ve existed thus far on the kindness of our friends and their transportation to take us from event to event, but we’re getting all growns up now, and we need a truck of our own. A good friend of ours is selling this bad ass yellow truck to us, but we need help raising money to buy it. The proceeds from our next pop-up are going to help us buy the Yellow Submarine, and convert it into a The Love & Vegetables Flower Power Truck! Don’t worry, we’ll have a vegan painting party where everyone who helped us buy it, can help us paint it.

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Earth, Fire, Water, and Air: our menu for our next pop-up

As our next pop-up at the Earth N Us Farm is only 5 days away, we thought we would share our menu ideas! We started discussing the menu a few weeks ago while camping on an island in the Biscayne Bay. We set out on that trip to write a business plan for our restaurant concept, Love and Vegetables. While camping, we were exposed to all the elements that weekend, and  Avril suggested we base the menu on those Four Elements. I loved the idea! I ran it by the other chefs, and the brainstorming began. Last night, Avril and I finished the menu after testing some yummy delicious fresh organic produce we received from our friend, Jayson and his farm. Special thanks to Jayson for his contributions to this Saturday’s dinner, and for the work he is doing in organic farming at Witt Road Organics. I am honored and thankful to know him. He’s amazing!!

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Costume Party, Live Music, and Squashes Set on Fire

As the 2012 – 2013  season in South Florida comes to an end, so does our pop-up at the Earth N’ Us Farm in Little Haiti.  After May, it gets a little hot and a little too mosquito-ey here at the farm for our outdoor dinners. Don’t worry, Love & Vegetables is still around Miami for most of the summer,  popping up at different places like O Cinema for our new Love & A Movie series starting May 13, where we’ll pair a vegan menu to an award winning movie.  And then on to Costa Rica in July, to teach vegan cooking workshop retreats at The Yoga Farm!

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Little Haiti Community Garden Fundraiser

I was approached by our friends and farmers from the Little Haiti Community Garden and Ascend Miami who were working on improvements to the Lemon City/Little Haiti on NE 2nd Ave corridor from 54th to 62th street called Taking Little Haiti to New Heights. They wanted to host a farm-to-table fundraiser dinner to benefit improvements to the Garden. I loved the idea. I love Little Haiti Community Garden, and I source as many greens from their garden as possible. It’s located only a mile and half from the Earth N Us Farm, where I live. I love the fact that I can source an entire course from within 3 miles from our event. This event was held at the Little Haiti Cultural Center, only a few blocks away from the garden.

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3 Days, 100 pancakes, 20 carrots, and little sleep

As our new pop-up series with DeliLane approaches, Chef Avril and I decided to test our the menu items for Chakra Tapas night, Wednesday April 03, 2013 from 7 – 9 p.m. . We spent many an hour listening to music, mantra, meditating, walking back and forth to Whole Foods, Publix, and Fresh Market, and testing, and re-testing our recipes until we got them just right. But, we’re not done! When I was in culinary school, I recall one of my professors commenting that he’d test a recipe at least 7 times before putting it on a menu. 7 times? In the past, I’d try a recipe the first time while putting it on the menu. As a chef who added the word “spontaneous” to his catchphrase just to bypass menu-planning in advance, I didn’t test. It wasn’t because I didn’t I believe in it, but who has time for it? This time around though, we made an executive decision to test and re-test until we got them just right.

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Chakra Tapas

As we began our new vegan pop-up series at DeliLane in South Miami, we really wanted to make an offering to our guests that is truly unique, healing, balancing, yummy, and delicious. At Love and Vegetables, we strive to offer our dinning guests more than food, but an experience. It is our goal to provide yummy, locally-sourced, organic whenever possible food that balances the body,mind, and soul. Food is more than nutrients to  the body, it also nourishment to the soul, and we go beyond the senses to deliver food that always brings balance. We are what we eat, and at Love and Vegetables, we want our guests to eat love, feel love, experience love, leave full of love, share love, and be love.

Chakra Tapas Menu for April 3rd – DeliLane in South Miami

1st- Red (Root)                  Marinated Beets on Local Green Salad

2nd- Orange (Sacral)          Carrot Chips with Sweet Potato Hummus

3rd- Yellow (Solar Plexus)   Coconut Corn Chowder 

4th- Green (Heart)              Stuffed Green Peppers with ‘Cheesy’ Jalapeño Quinoa

5th- Blue (Throat)               Mini Blueberry Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup

6th- Indigo (Third Eye)       Eggplant Mole Tacos

7th- Violet (Crown)             Rainbow Banana Split 

As community cafe, we want to offer our guests food that they can share and partake in the true sense of community. We want our guests to taste, enjoy, and share our food with those they love, as we share it with those we love, You! A community cafe cannot exists without community, and we want to embrace that community by offering 7 small plates of food all priced at $7, starting at 7 p.m., and designed to balance each of the the 7 chakras.

Love and Vegetables is heading to South Miami

Love and Vegetables is excited to announce our new partnership with DeliLane and our new pop-up series in South Miami starting Wednesday April 03, 2013 from 7 – 9 p.m! This will be Love and Vegetables’ first pop-up in South Miami, and our first time taking over a full commercial kitchen and running our own menu with seven items: Chakra Tapas!

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