Chantelle is a frequent co-chef at Love & Vegetables pop-up events. We spent some time with Chantelle during our pop-up planning meeting, and asked her some questions.

1.Where are you from?
“I was born in Trinidad”

2.Did you live there your whole life, because I don’t hear a trinidadian accents?
“No, I moved to New Jersey when I was 16. “

3.Jersey, really? Where do you GTL?
“I’m permanently tanned.“


4. So, you’re not going to say anything about Jersey?
“Jersey is whatever, man. “

5..How did you end up in Miami?
“I got accepted into culinary school, and that’s why I moved down here. To pursue my culinary excellence, don’t write that. To pursue my culinary goals. Rhode Island is too cold. “

6.. When did you start cooking?
“Forever man. I cooked with my grandmother when I was kid. We cooked at home a lot. 90% of my meals were home-cooked. In high school I took a home economics class, multicultural cuisine. “

7. What’s your culinary style?
“Fresh, yummy food. Food that makes you feel good.”

8. Do you cook trinidadian food?
“When I cook at home I try. It’s the food the I grew up with. At work, I cook whatever. I’m open to all different styles of cuisine.“

9. Are you vegan?
“Naahhh bro.”

10. So then why do a vegan event?
“It’s the unknown. I want to learn more about the concept of being vegan, vegan cooking, and living a vegan lifestyle.”

11. This is your third event with Love & Vegetables. What have you learned from working these dinners?
“I learned that it’s not difficult to make amazing food that is delicious, satisfying, and vegan. The fact that it’s vegan doesn’t even matter , it becomes irrelevant.”

12. What is your favorite part of the event?
“When the cooking starts. It’s a rush of adrenaline. Also getting the opportunity to interact with the guests, talk about the food, and to witness the experience of people eating something I helped create. It’s an amazing feeling.

13. Tell me something random about yourself.
“I live in a tree house.”

14. What do you do in your free time.
“Recently my free time has been spent doing community service at the Earth ‘N’ Us Farm in Little Haiti. Today, I helped spread/distribute coffee grinds into two different compost piles, the worm box, and micro green bath tub.”

Interviewed by Keith Kalmanowicz