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Avocado August

A great writeup about our first Miami Vegan Cooking Class came out today in the Miami New Times, and we wanted to create another Social Contest for our Next Vegan Cooking Class – All About Avocados – No More Guacamole! #NoMoreGuacamole

We’re looking for fun, creative, and tasty ways you use avocados at home  – other than guacamole!

Overripe avocados make great hair conditioner.

Combine ripe avocado, cacao, and stevia for a low sugar diary free chocolate pudding.

Tell us how you like to use avocados at home for our Avocado August Series – No More Guacamole! #NoMoreGuacamole

Win a Spot at Love & Vegetables Next Vegan Cooking Class – Avocado August

Dinner At Shawnees – Menu and Updates!

Our first Dinner with Farmilia – Dinner At Shawnee’s is only 1 day away, and preparations are underway.

I just got back from another visit to her urban oasis and wanted to share some photos, updates, and our menu for tomorrow’s event.


We’re honored to have smooth acoustic sounds of Alyxis Audley and Wren Bird playing during our dinner tomorrow night.

The Menu: 

Amuse Bouche (Shawnee’s Greenthumb Popcorn)
Organic popcorn / Spirulina / Nutritional Yeast / cayenne / Shawnee’s Secret Ingredients

Summer Ceviche
Papaya / Mango / Avocado / Radish / Cucumber / Cherry Tomato / Sweet Lime Sauce

Sprouted Miami Salad
Summer Greens / Hearts of Palm /  Sprouted Sunflowers / Toasted Coconut / Raw Pistachios / Mango Vinaigrette

Chilled Roasted  Summer Vegetable Soup 
Calabaza / Heirloom Tomatoes / Local Pepper Medley  / Roasted Pineapple Guacamole / Cilantro Oil / Candied Ginger

Free-Form Raw Lasagna
Zucchini Noodles / Marinated Mushrooms / Hemp Seed Pesto / Macerated Tomatoes / Cashew Ricotta  / Kalamata Olive Puree

Gluten Free Mango Cobbler
Caramelized Mangos / Pepper Jam /  Sugar Free Oat – Nut Crumble / Cardamom Coconut Cream

The Drinks:
Mango / Champagne / Smoothie
Mango Mineral Water

Healthy Gluten Free Vegan Pie Crust

We love pie, and any pie lover will tell you, it’s all about the crust, but what if you’re vegan, gluten-free, and health conscious? Then you don’t want eggs, processed wheat flours, butter, and unhealthy oils and fats in your pie crust – all the things one typically uses.. That’s where culinary school, years of cooking, baking, and healthy eating come into play. Everyone knows the secret to a flaky pie crust is keeping everything cold, especially the fat content, typically butter. Butter is made up of milk solids and water, when in a cold state, butter hardens, and when cold butter is kept chunky in a pie crust, baked at high temperatures, the water in the butter transforms into steam, creating flaky air pockets in your dough; ergo, giving you that flaky pie crust you’ve come to love.

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Win a Seat in Our First Miami Vegan Cooking Class

In anticipation of our first Miami Vegan Cooking Class, we decided to launch a Social Contest and give away one free seat at our class ($75 value).  All you have to do is click on the links below and help us spread the word about our event! We’ll announce the winner Monday, July 21! Check back daily for more chances to win! Win a Spot at Love & Vegetables Next Vegan Cooking Class – Much Todo About Mango

Mango Me This, Mango Me That

July in Miami is Mango Season, and there is Mango Fruit everywhere. In honor of this amazing fruit, we’re hosting three awesome events all centered around the amazing mango fruit,. Plus check out all the other MangotasticMiami Events happening this month!

For The Love Of Mango Dinner

Please join Chef Keith Kalmanowicz at the Earth N’ Us Farm Saturday July 12, 2014  for an intimate farm dinner with friends featuring the amazing Mango fruit. This casual farm dinner is open to 4 guests and features a 5 course organic, gluten-free, 50% raw tasting menu.

Dinner With Farmilia: Dinner At Shawnee’s

Next week we’re traveling to an urban oasis in North Miami with a dinner-side waterfall that just so happens to be the home of Shawnee fromShawnee’s Greenthumb Popcorn. This amazing piece of property located in Unincorporated Dade right off 135st is the home to a swimmable pond with waterfall, treehouse, fire pit, live music, and so much more. Enjoy a plant-based menu featuring the foraged fruits of summer and Special Guest, Shawnee. For a photo tour of Shawnee’s Property please visit Natalie Edgar’s photoblog.

Much Todo About Mango – Vegan Cooking Class and Tasting

With the abundance of Mango Fruit in Miami, We thought it would be fun to do a vegan cooking class created with mango in mind. We’re going to explore five different ways to use the versatile fruit in salads, soups, smoothies, savory, and sweets (The 5 S’s). Learn from Chef Keith Kalmanowicz as he prepares these mouth-watering recipes  in an interactive cooking demonstration with hands-on learning, and then sit down and enjoy a casual tasting with complimentary beverages.

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Bunny Days of Summer

I love hot dogs. Well, I should rephrase that and  say I loved hot dogs. The first food I learned to cook for myself was microwaving a sliced hot dog covered in American Cheese. Sure, today that makes me cringe a little, but 6 year old me didn’t know any better. In 30 seconds or less, I had my favorite food covered in cheese waiting for me. I was a real picky eater — I liked it plain and simple. That meant no ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, and  all other toppings placed on these hand-held treats. It wasn’t until High School I started to like ketchup, and slowly progressed into other condiments as I aged, moved around, and starting cooking. I’ve learned most of the flavor of hot dogs come from what you put on top of them — you just need a vessel to deliver the goodness into your mouth. But for me, eating something plain is the truest test of flavor, and I know this recipe will hold up on it’s own (and especially covered and smothered in your favorite toppings).

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Florida Avocado Guacamole Recipe

I love Guacamole, but this love affair only started a few years ago. I remember eating my first avocado at age 30.  I was working at BLT Steak on Ocean Drive during Miami Spice (a discount pre-select menu at high-end restaurants for the month of September), and the most popular item on the menu was an  Avocado Watermelon Salad / Cilantro Mint Lime Vinaigrette. It was my first time cooking in a fine dining restaurant , and I was working the grand manager station, which translates into, I made hundreds of these salads a night.

October, 30 days later, I  had an avocado addiction.

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Florida Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables Availability: December

Bell Pepper

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Just Send Veggies: Menu Preview Part 1

The style of our next event, “Just Send Veggies” is created around Box Park’s signature menu item “Just Send Food,” which encourages the chefs to send their favorite dishes, flex their creativity, come up dishes on the fly, and have fun while appealing to your taste buds. It’s hard for farm-to-table chefs to plan menus far in advance. For the first year of Love & Vegetables, menus were never published. Many times, dishes were created the morning of the event or finalized minutes/seconds before the dish was served. When working with the best and freshest ingredients, you have to let the ingredients talk for themselves.

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How Much Do You Want This In Your Mouth?

Menu for Monday, September 23rd Farm Dinner with Guest Chef Sam Gorenstein


Crispy Hearts of Palm Cakes / Earth ‘N Us Scotch Bonnet Remoulade / Bull’s Blood Microgreens (L&V) – Emily from the New Times liked it so much she shared the recipe! Vegan Crab Cake Recipe

Quinoa-Stuffed Grape Leaves / Pistachios / Citrus (SG)

Chilled Cranberry Hibiscus Poached Peach Soup / Florida Starfruit / Basil / Sliced Almonds (L&V)

Local Herb Pesto Marinated Stone Fruit Salad / Chili Peppers / Smoked Sea Salt (SG)

Indian Spiced Mixed Grain “Cazuela” & Creamy Coconut Basmati Rice /  Lemongrass Broth (SG)

Fudge Brownie / Torched Banana / Amaretto Whipped Cream / Toasted Nori Dust (L&V)


Subject to changes, tweaks, and modifications.

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